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Our firm is dedicated to providing practical pragmatic solutions to business problems, asset recovery and estate planning issues. Whether it is a renegotiation of a contract, forming a new business, planning for prospective creditor suits,, we can help.

Within the realm of legally prudent yet creative and practical solutions, we strive to provide options for our clients. Our attorneys are comfortable irrespective of whether the problem is a complex Asset Recovery Structure, an Offshore Business Formation, or an important Commercial Transaction.

Corporate Services

We are very experienced in contract review, drafting, negotiation, Buy/Sell Agreements, Shareholders/Members Agreements, etc.

International Insolvency

At Greenberg & Co. Solicitors, we are seasoned professionals providing insolvency, restructuring and asset recovery services.  Our unique skill set, including professional licenses in the US, UK and BVI, allows efficient resolution of cross-border insolvency matters including receivership, administration and liquidation.

Offshore Services:

We are active in business formation, integration and leveraging offshore business entities with new or existing asset protection structures in major offshore jurisdictions. We form Offshore International Business Companies (IBCs), Foreign Asset Protection Trusts, and similarly specialized offshore components of Asset Protection Plans. Unlike an offshore service provider located in just one jurisdiction, the objectivity and security of UK, US, and BVI licensed Attorneys gives the client the options and benefits of alternative jurisdiction analysis..
With look for clarity in the ultimate client decision. And if it is not there, we help the client develop it. Our process assists each client in defining their business, legal, and personal objectives.