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Complex Commercial Transactions and Corporate Services

Complex Commercial Transactions and Corporate Services
Our firm is experienced in creating, operating and dismantling complex commercial structures and transactions, including multi-jurisdictional joint ventures. We can advise on structuring, create the companies, assist in managing the ventures, and when the time comes, advise on the sale of the enterprise or dismantle it. We also provide guidance and support in the case of international fraud, and fraud recovery.

Our firm represents a wide spectrum of businesses from small closely held companies, large international corporations and banks. Our attorneys advise clients at all stages of corporate existence, from choice of entity, formation procedures, day-to-day management and decision-making. Our services range from drafting contracts and other legal documents, developing strategies, to negotiating and closing business transactions

Business Formation
There are so many options. Let us know your requirements for a confidential quotation of new busineses, Director Services or Legal Counsel.

Restructuring and Corporate Recovery

Our background is workouts and turnarounds. We function as advisors to existing management, or when called upon by the Board of Directors or investors, to directly take control of the interim management of the challenged company. With our experience, we are able to quickly address the needs of companies that are in distress by identifying the factors contributing to the current management and financial issues. We provide appropriate, timely feedback to the Board of Directors or investors. After agreement with the stakeholders, our role is to take steps to stem any financial bleeding and put the company on a positive course for the future.
With a hands-on approach and strong abilities to navigate disputes and legal obstacles, we apply our skills and experience that enable us to identify, seize, and recover assets in an expedient manner.
.We believe there is generally a workable solution and we strive to arrive at it with speed and efficiency.

Asset Protection

Asset Protection review is appropriate for individuals who are in “high risk” (subject to frequent or frivolous litigation) professions or where there is a need to have a formal plan to transfer ownership to another generation or spouse independent of creditor attack. Foreign Asset Protection Trusts offer an unusual blend of protection through the use of the unique statutory structure created in several popular Offshore Financial Centers. However, they entail material costs and potential tax reporting requirements. A qualified legal firm should be retained to assist with implementing any Asset Protection Plan.
We are neither suggesting nor advocating Asset Protection Trusts for every individual or family. There are many cases where other alternatives may prove more beneficial. Nevertheless, for many clients the effort is worthwhile. Our firm is prepared to assist clients in most related commercial, contractual and asset protection matters. Please feel free to contact our office if you believe an Asset Protection Plan or Asset Protection Trust may be appropriate in your particular situation.
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